Prepare Your Home For Climate Change

Whether you believe in climate change or not there is no denying the weather has been changing in the last few years.  With extreme storms, strong winds, snow, flooding, extreme hot and cold, we are all feeling a change in the air.

It is time to take in account the climate change when planning maintenance and updates to your home. There are some small steps that every homeowner can do to help prepare their home.


When shopping for a new roof, look at roofing materials that will protect your home against a wide variety of disasters. With the average roof lasting around 20 years, and most experts forecasting even more extreme weather to come, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Be sure to perform roof repairs and maintenance annually to have your roof, this will keep you from unexpected surprises

Insulation and Ventilation

  • Sealing your home with proper insulation and caulking can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Each year take a close look around your house to find any air leaks or drafts and work to reduce or eliminate them.
  • If your attic isn’t insulated sufficiently, it’s time to invest in insulating and air sealing out the heat and cold. Not only will an insulated attic reduce heating and cooling costs, it will also prepare your home for the more extreme weather that’s likely to come.
  • Adding insulation provides strong protection against cold and heat, but you need to make sure that your home is also properly ventilated. Proper ventilation will keep the attic dry and cool. The attic should have 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 feet sq. feet of attic space


  • Even small climate changes can lead to plumbing failure. Water and air temperature changes will result in pipe bursts. Make sure your pipes can withstand colder weather and flooding. It may a good idea to have a professional come to your home to conduct a water audit, and also replace any leaky toilets, wasteful faucets or outdated irrigation equipment.
  • You can also install Smart products, like a Water Leak and Freeze Detector. These smart sensors will detect water leaks and freezing pipes before they cause damage in your home.